LOCAL SERVICE (service to destinations within the membership area)

Our individual local user fee is $2.00 plus $.50/km with a $7.50 minimum.

Short extra stops are $2.50 each.

$20.00 per hour may be charged for waiting or where a client is deemed to have a vehicle and driver “chartered” for their exclusive use.

Clients travelling to Owen Sound, Markdale, Mount Forest, Wingham (and the former Township of Turnberry) and the Municipality of South Bruce shall be charged waiting time after the first hour.

Dialysis patients travelling to Owen Sound, Orangeville, Palmerston or Goderich will not be charged wait time.

Please inquire.

CHARTER SERVICE (service to desinations outside the membership area)

Rides going out of the local service area are $.50/km plus $20.00 per hour.

Group excursion rates are available on request.

Clients are only charged for the time and mileage they use-there are no “deadhead” charges. Clients taking a one-way (same day) out of area (or return to area) ride are only charged for the one-way they are travelling unless there is a returning attendant, etc.

Clients may have an attendant/companion ride with them for no additional charge. There will be a charge where the attendant/companion is being transported without the client.

Clients needing assistance are expected to have an attendant accompany them who are able to assist the client in all aspects of their travel needs.

There may be a charge to pick-up or return a wheelchair.

A charge of $25.00 will be invoiced for any individual ride not needed by a client that is not cancelled by 1pm the business day before. “No shows” are highly disruptive and clients with a pattern of not cancelling unneeded rides may be discharged from the service.